I’m finally back with another post and this time all focus is going to be stepping away from the usual hair or beauty content that you might be expecting on to see on here as usual. After so much super positive feedback on my GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA article, it really got me thinking that each channel is definitely attractive for different audience groups afterall. For instance, when all followers care about on my Instagram is how to create hair & beauty looks with different tools, those who read my blog on the other hand would rather know how these video tutorials and pics were made, edited, scheduled etc.. The list goes on. But this post is not about that.

Combining and balancing all aspects of life isn’t easy, especially when you have hundreds of app notifications popping up, from social media to productivity, fitness and more to list. Not to mention emails you have to answer on top. Not sure about you but it’s next to impossible to keep myself on track sometimes! So I got downloading some creative apps recently to help me manage my time a little better and I was itching to share this info with you guys too just in case some of them you are not familiar with yet.

Don’t get me wrong, some might start reading this, scroll through and wonder what a pile of rubbish they’ve just read as they might “know it all” anyway. On the other hand I often get dms / comments (which you are more than welcome to contribute to below this post btw) saying how helpful they found such tips.


Anyway here they are, the inspiring must have apps that might (or not) change your everyday routine.


This shared calendar app is amazing when you are planning stuff together with your family, partner or even a group of close friends. Everyone granted with a personal digital calendar access can easily add dates, pictures and comments. It just makes it so easy to manage and share everyones busy schedules / availability and get planning ahead, whether it’s holidays ,event related or just hanging out.


One of my fave custom mood board apps. I’ve recently ordered some decor prints for the living room wall and planned them all out before they even arrived!

There are so many advantages of moodboarding in general – planning events, designing interior, outfit planning just to mention a few. Also useful if you work in a beauty industry as a hair stylist or mua. Funny enough this is exactly how I’ve discovered this app, whilst assisting Lana Del Rey’s hairdresser (at the time) on a shoot and she asked me to put together some sixties hair inspo to get Lana ready for one of her festival performances. The app stayed on my iphone ever since obvs.


I think it’s safe to say we’re all familiar with turning to WeTransfer when it comes to sharing huge files, pics, videos, presentations. So with WeDownload you no longer need to access your desktop as it imports everything into your phone gallery instantly. Amazing right?


The reason why Telegram messenger is overtaking Watsapp in some countries (Russia to make an example) as it simply has so much more to offer. Think hi res files or photos minus compressing to avoid loosing quality. I always hear people watsapping instead of airdropping which is pain to my ears so this a great solution if you’re out of someones bluetooth reach. Some influencers even have their own channels on there as you can easily share tracks, Lightroom presets and other useful stuff


How annoying is that when you’ve edited your Instagram story to perfection although it uploads in a random order?!! The frustration is unreal. Although thanks to Long Story app it takes care of that for you.


Retro filters, vintage cameras and cool photo presets are now easily available to pretty much 100% of general public with just once click of a lense button which means it’s harder to make your content stand out online. Well, if you think outside the box it might be worth experimenting with something outside the box.

Making gifs is the perfect example. Burst your cam and connect the best selected pics via Gif Maker app and you will be rewarded with unique content! Whether it’s for yourself or to post online.


I couldn’t finish this article without sharing a photo app. Disposable photo effect is here to stay (I’m hoping anyway!) so if you’re up for experimenting I’d definitely recommend checking out Kamon & Huji apps. Once you’re in the app you will be faced with a real-like disposable cam layout which makes the experience so close to the real deal. Try it out!

I’d love to hear on your thoughts and how you would feel if I made more similar articles on social media, digital updates on the blog opposed to beauty and hair. Or keep a mixture perhaps?

Either way please share your feedback and thoughts in comments below!