Our lives changed forever pretty much the day Internet was invented. Unlike our parents, we grew up on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and now Instagram has taken over massively. Instead of knocking on someones door with a bday card we now dm GIFs and click like here and there, whilst YouTube is slowly replacing tv. And you gotta love it! Although the digital revolution didn’t stop there. We fully live and breathe social media and with the rise of new blogs and digital businesses it’s all about building your presence online, in the best possible way.

Being a digital influencer for some time meant that I simply didn’t have any other option but to be shit hot on every little social trend which has helped me out massively in the long run and even led to new career opportunities as I now have a portfolio of business clients to consult social-media-wise.

** BTW what I’m wearing, including this dreamy not-so-pink hoodie  this time **

I’ve decided to start a whole new blog section on here and dedicate it to all things digital marketing and social media where I will be sharing hacks and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Still not sure how this will go down but any feedback below in comments is welcome.

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So I often get asked the same questions.. How to get more followers on Instagram? What content to post? And when? And guess what, there is no right or wrong answer to any of these. Just a few tips here and there can really guide in the right direction. Call it a digital beginner guide to social media. And apologies in advance if some of these might be obvious for some. So, here they are, tips on how to slay your social media game today.


As cliché as it sounds, this has always been my biggest challenge to date. Productivity apps, calendars or even cheesy post-its are the ultimate key to success! Something as simple as having a calendar dedicated just for social media can make life ten times easy.

When it comes to actually scheduling posts, there are some uself tools out there. Crowdfire, Buffer or Tailwind are my top three favourites for scheduling and managing social media all in one place.

I prefer to keep my Insta separately though and UnUmm, Planoly or Preview are my top apps for managing the feed authetics, measuring analytics and more.


I mean it. Learn who your target market is inside out, before you start anything else. I once sat down and mapped out a personality profile of my reader. From demographics to things they do, read and love, it has all paid back in the end as these are the same key facts I would present in my media pack when dealing with potential advertisers or press.


As simple as this sounds, what is it you’re trying to achieve? Your purpose for having social media channels? WHO ARE YOU? If you can answer all these three questions easily then it’s time to create an effective multi-channel strategy that caters exclusively for your readers as well as industry.


Keeping a log of key discoverable hashtags will help to get discovered within the community instantly. Did you know that you can use up to 30 hashtags per one Instagram post?

Although think outside the box and don’t go for the cheesy #follow or #like4like etc.. Social media giants like Instagram recognise such behaviour as borderline bot / spammy and will get your channel penalised or even shadow banned. Trust me, you don’t want that.


Each social media platform comes with a handful of its own (not so) hidden features. For instance, IG = STORIES! Best advice is to use them to its max potential. As they get more advanced, it’s now possible to use hashtags, tag locations to make them discoverable and therefore your content too.


Consistent content is responsible for every successful strategy. If you’re posting at least once a day (per channel) you’re on the right track as ideally you should be posting 1-3 times pd, although all depends on the industry nature of course. For instance, video content (arguably yet proven) needs a longer turnaround. Going back to the audience behaviour brainstorm, you will find answers to when is best time to actually post too. Let’s say you’re targeting young professionals – always on the go and busy. Best time for this kind of segment is when they commute, lunching or having weekend hangover lay-ins around 10-11am. Stay-at-home mums, on the other hand, are more likely to check their phones in between their fave tv shows or when baby is asleep etc etc..


Creativity is a peculiar thing and works in mysterious ways. When times are hard there is no harm in searching what others in your field are up. One rule though, no copying of course!

Create Pinterest boards to gather ideas. My latest moodboard features VSCO presets and themes to improve my timeline theme, including what settings to use when editing pictures before posting.


In this highly saturated digital space, channel design and artwork are more important than ever. Think about it as a tool that reflects you as a brand and differentiates from others.

And when it comes to your feed aesthetics there are so many options. You can either go for the all-white minimalistic feed or the opposite dark and full of contrast, with a pop of colour. I would suggest to put some guidelines in place and create a simple palette with 5 main colours. Let’s say one of them would be your skin colour, two more plain / neutrals and the rest two are something else, depending on your personal preference.

Design apps like Canva help massively to keep your artwork looking pretty across all channels.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to know your feedback in comments.

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