As the festive season is fully approaches, blogger mail is getting more and more instagramable. I’ve decided to dedicate a whole new piece on something I got through the post recently as I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer. And Corky’s Schnapps and sassy drinks are the key words here.

It’s all about celebrating of the new Corky’s Schnapps Glitter range and all things cocktails, or shots if you prefer it straight to the actual point. Very easy to drink, a range of 15% ABV schnapps has always been driven by innovation and quality. The best part has to be when pretty (glitter) meets edible.

Apart from the already popular and classic sour apple and cherry, the new launched glitter flavours are Blueberry, Raspberry and Mango. YUM.

Here are some cocktail recipes for you guys to check out and perhaps try out this month.


Corky’s blueberry glitter schnapps, gin, lemonade and a splash of lemon.

Flowerberry Martini

Corky’s raspberry glitter schnapps, vodka, and sparkling elderflower.

Glitter Bombshell

Corky’s mango glitter schnapps, coconut rum, and lemonade.

Disco Dancer

Corky’s blueberry and raspberry schnapps topped with lemonade.

Sparkle & Spice

Corky’s mango glitter schnapps, spiced rum, and pineapple juice.

Raspberry Refresher

Corky’s raspberry glitter schnapps, gin, and lemonade.

Which one is your fave?

Corky’s Glitter Schnapps are avaliable from Morrisons now.