It’s always MEGA exciting when London Fashion Week comes around. This season me and Bannie (remember her from this vid?) went on yet another adventure of hunting down fresh street styles and retro fashion from the streets of London.

Although before I go into that I would love to start with mine. I went for a sassy yet minimalisticred-white-black pallette combo. Despite of the annoyingly unpredictable weather I’ve layered a statement slogan jumper with some trend-hot accessories and a pair of striped trim trousers for a relaxed and almost sport luxe feel to the look.

Furs was a risky step to take (even faux seems to anger any animal protesters eye) but luckily, despite all the pre-LFW anxiety and doubts, my fave fluffy thing is safe and sound afterall. Phew.

I mean, I even saw someone wearing the real deal.

Although mainly it’s becoming more of a rare thing to see during fashion week…

I’ve actually received most of the compliments on my footwear choice as all eyes were on the fishnet socks paired with these perspex mirror strap mules.


Now on to the street styles, all taken by Bannie herself, of course.

Check out her Insta here.