Being a TOTAL hair product junkie means it’s hard to keep up with what’s in my hairdressing bag. Plus, realising that it has actually been a while since the last hair favourites style post, I felt the need for an urgent haul update.

From luxe blows to crazy colours, plenty of iconic hair trends have made a dramatic come back in 2017 and especially this summer. And whilst being reluctant to use the S word as it’s pouring down outside (yes, typical London), I would still love to talk holiday, festival and sun. So, with still plenty of events to catch up on and getaways to plan, get ready to get hair-spired and pin this on Pinterest as a reminder that summer isn’t over. Just in case.


Trendy summer blow dry is all about volume, texture and… fun. Being free with your style isn’t easy for some of us though as humidity, surroundings and whatever else play a huge barrier in one’s every day routine. This is why is’s so important to learn how your hair type works (each season!) and invest in the right tools for life. I’m personally a huge fan of long-lasting, low maintenance blow dries, something impossible to get perfectly right at first yet easy to create if you know how to. Here’s a classic case scenario – volume and frizz-free movement.

Detachable Click n Curl brushes are the answer to many hair prayers as they are actually perfect essentials for a blow dry that lasts. The recipe of longevity lies in the three step BLOW-SET-DRESS formula. Almost like hot rollers, they ensure that hair sets in correct right way and at the right time, plus all the real magic happens after all has been rough dried at almost 90%.

Prep is also very important – something I always mention when it comes to hair. The latest Tangle Angel Pro compact brush features a luxe rose gold finish and is just dreamy. Being also heat resistant, this a really good option for a speedy blow dry or a quick prep before heat styling with tongues.

Finally, if you’re bored of a bouncy blow or just wanna switch things up the next day, just simply tame things down with good multi-style straighteners.

Remington styler is amazing and thanks to its versatile plate design it’s not only for straightening but also for creating waves. Remember that tutorial on how to create movement with a styling iron?


As most of you know from my continuous Instagram updates, I am now back to blonde. A part of me still wonders why I’ve put my hair through this massive colourful hair journey as things are not the same for sure. Condition, to start with. Secondly, any blondie would agree it’s all about the right tone. Blonde is such a high maintenance colour when it comes to tones and this is why having suitable, protein-based hair care is crucial.

After ditching my old faves I’ve discovered a completely new professional line and it’s like skin care for hair – Kevin Murphy. I am currently using the Blonde Angel shampoo and I absolutely love the way it works as a purple shampoo and a treatment, targeting two problems in one bottle.

Did I mention there is a conditioner that does the same thing too?

As a little extra, I tend to spoil my thirsty ends with an overnight treatment and a repairing hair oil.

This Percy & Reed duo is so dreamy..

Styling wise, movement is the key. Oribe texture spray is 100% a hairdressers favourite product atm. I fist discovered it when I was assisting a session stylist on a shoot and, after witnessing jaw-dropping results, always wanted to give to a go since then.


I LUUUVE investigating the accessory sections in any online catalogue I get my hands on. And, to be honest, I haven’t usually got a reason to. I just love collecting them haha!

And can I just say that these House Of Holland scrunchies and pins are perfection.

I’ve recently found these days of the week hair slides on ASOS and deffo think it’s the new hair accessory thing RN.

Who else loves the slogan accessory things?


So now the blonde talk over, it’s time to look into how to brighten things up in case the natural look gets boring. Mermaid hair is beautiful, although let’s face it, none of us wanna be stuck with a hell-knows-what’s going on colour in between the washing out stage. And, believe it or not, some tones (mostly greens and blues) would result in the case of booking a costly colour correction appointment to cleanse the tone out professionally.

This is why I love semi-permanent things that are low maintenance and easy to wash out. These in-shower colours are great for adding a bit of fun to pre-lightened hair and only last up to five washes.

Another hot new thing has been recently launched in the world of colour and it’s… hair make up! YES. I will be experimenting with the rose gold and purple on the gram soon so stay tuned for the results.

As finishing this post, I’m also realising that I’ve sort of excluded those with darker hair. Girls, don’t panic. So the most common issue when growing out darker coloured is regrowth and there are some temporary solutions to try out for sure. Depending on the statement level, there is an option of using one of the drug store spray-ons or covering re-growth with… glitter! Festival girls are loving this right now and it especially works really well with the chunky ones.