So… I’m FINALLY living the season of all the trends that I actually love and don’t just put up with for the sake of it.

And I got SO EXCITED about this whole thing recently that I’ve online shopped until I dropped. Literally. Fashion is a fascinating thing. At a glance everything is a remix and there’s nothing, in fact, new that we haven’t seen before. On the other hand, how cool is it to see the seventies throwback in a window display on a mannequin clearly rocking nineties hair.

This was never meant to be a planned “what’s in my summer handbag” post yet more of a random “what’s falling off my spare clothes rail RN” sort of thing. And believe me, I’m not giving away any of these picks anytime soon. Because there’s never too much clothes in a girls wardrobe, right?

The only thing left to figure out is where to start…

There are a few things in particular that I would love to share in this summer style haul. I’m actually currently putting together a try-on YouTube vid (which, btw, I will make sure to add to this post later in a week), although some things deserve a special mention beforehand, of course.

Starting with my unhealthy obsession for designer sunglasses. As I was browsing FARFETCH, I came across these leopard print frame Giorgio Armani round shaped beauties and couldn’t resist.

Above in this post I’ve styled them with the Misspap gingham two piece, bold red MAC retro matte lip and some eighties Madonna loose ghd curls. OUCH.