Happy weekend huns! I am very excited to share a new hair tutorial with you. It features all things summer, festival and holiday vibes. As you know I’ve recently chopped my hair up to a midi (the perfect length for versatile styling!) and I thought it would be great to share some ideas on how to style hair on trend this summer. There is one twist though…

For those who are impatient to read the step by steps here is the full vid. Be ready as it comes with a voiceover (first time for everything haha):

So what’s the twist about? This time I am shockingly putting aside ALL my fishing heat styling tools (tongues, straighteners, etc) and creating this look with just a hair dryer instead! Challenging, I know. Although it just has to be done. Simply because it’s less damaging, arguably faster and… just different.

We all love trying something different, right? Btw, I’m using the new 8th Sense ELCHIM dryer and styler which I got from Salons Direct.

The sad truth that there are certain looks that can only be achieved with a blow-dry. And even being a professional hair stylist, it has taken me a while to completely absorb this.

The main thing is to actually know what works for YOU. Although we never know until trying it out, so here is the perfect opportunity to explore that perfect style formula!Normally I’m a very much rough-dry-to-heat-style effortless kinda girl and it’s actually not until I started working in central London and areas like Chelsea where I realised that A-list, glam and bouncy blow-dries are still hot on demand. I mean, who doesn’t simply appreciate volume nowadays anyway?

So, here they are. The two big SS17 hair trends to try out this season.

The question is – which one are you?


Perfect for those who love volume with an edgy statement to the look in a form on two accessorised side braids.

This look involves mastering the art of a blowdry pin set although I promise that it looks harder than it actually is. Remember, practise makes perfect and it’s all about the right timing and consistency.

Keep the sections relatively small and same in size, no wider than the round brush.

Set each section with cool air just before pinning up – there is a button for that.

Wait for the set to cool down completely before dressing out.

Leave the braids till last – why not do them as the hair is setting?

Colorproof texturising spray and finishing Redken hairspray both make it easier for the style to last.


As seen on Coachella, Vogue and also known as Kloe Kardashian double knots or mouse buns, these sexy and nineties inspired space buns are leading the hair trend charts RN.

Add statement accessories or charms to the look. Here is some inspiration:

No straight partings – I went for a zigzag instead.

Remember, there is nothing “perfect” or “done” about this hairstyle – don’t stress, play around and have fun!

There is NEVER too much glitter. Yes, I said it. Surprisingly, foundation make up brushes are the best hack to applying glitter btw.

I’ve also sourced the best chunky glitter and sparkly sprays on sale right now:

Pop down your questions or comments below,

I would love to know what you guys think!