It’s been a while since the last personal update (remember this story?) which means that another one is due.. kinda now.

Diplomatically speaking, I’ve gone through a great amount of stress and a pile of all sort of life-related worries recently. No surprise that it has affected me in various ways, including my health and well-being in particular. I’ve become irritable, constantly stressed out and, tbh, quite dissatisfied with things around me. It felt like something clearly wasn’t working out with uncertainty around it. I felt so trapped within the four walls of reality and it just didn’t feel right.

They say not to pay attention to those little things, although it’s definitely easier said than done. Having a positive mind is a huge bonus and after a few sleepless nights and repetitive anxiety attacks I’ve made a decision. From day-to-day habits and lifestyle to surroundings and even people around me, it’t time to turn everything around. Letting go of some of the past, inhaling the future! As cheesy as this might sound, haha.

So, I thought of all the things that could make me happy TODAY. And here is the
mini action plan.


Some small yet cheerful points to note in the diary this month. This includes chopping my hair off to a bob (yes, again!), running a MEGA giveaway on the blog and plan a spontanious holiday to forever remember.

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I’ve made a simple conclusion – if something doesn’t go to plan, then it shouldn’t be the plan. Trying to get used to some things I thought I might like because others have said so.

Although the reality is that we can’t be good at everything.  Life is simply too short and we are not super-humans. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to multitask, but know your limits as well as priorities.


Being passionate comes with pros and cons. If I had a penny for each time I’ve wasted my precious energy on the wrong things then I wouldn’t be writing this right now as I’d be too busy popping bottles on my VIP yacht somewhere sunny.

Basically, I have no sympathy for bad vibes. It’s simply not worth it!


I’ve noticed that I feel really down with clutter around. Clothes, make up, bags – it’s just such a downer! I’m talking about that feeling when you open a draw and that perfectly folded favourite tee gets jammed because there’s no space.

Solution = blog sale! Check out my online store for already listed bargains.


Lifestyle changes and exciting career turns have been followed by a slight weight gain for me. Whilst the chances of finding motivation in a busy schedule are next to zero, I’ve decided to invest in some things to remind myself how to keep it up.

My fitness essentials this month are a skipping rope, a hula hoop and this trend-hot ELLE sport set.


Self-break is really important.

When things pile up it’s super-important to learn how to switch off at the right time and de-stress.

Things I’ve been really into lately is music, bath bombs and this mood lifting spray.


Oatmeal smoothie over a bacon sandwich or pressed apple juice over prosecco?

I can do it!

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