It’s time for a kit update kind of post. Colouring peoples hair for living makes me over-excited for these kind of things and the more I do it the geekier I get about my tools.

But let’s not get too technical with the terms as I am fully aware that some of you come from a non-hairdressing background. Having said that, I’m 99% sure you have all heard of balayage – the IT colouring technique of the season for a softer, natural, often warmer and rather textured hair colour (think Jessica Alba, Rosie HW or Victorias Secret angels, just to name a few).

From your classic ombre trend, balayage as a stand-alone technique has taken a hell of a turn in the hair industry. Freehand is the future of colouring as it allows freedom of creativity – from hair countoring to enhancing texture or even strength of a cut. It’s that bronde trend you have probably come across on Pinterest, possibly quite a lot. Although everyone’s hair is different and there is a suitability factor involved too – this is where picture references come well handy!

I thought it’s time to share my new colouring kit pieces – total must haves for balayage.  Discovering Framar was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The tools scream precision and great colour placement. So, here is what I’ve recently come across whilst browsing through Salons Direct.


Apart from a simple and sleek design I am very keen on the surface flatness of this unique colouring tool. Less is actually more!


These rubberised jaw clips are the answer to all my hair colouring prayers. *praying emoji here* I’ve tried millions before and have finally found the perfect ones for this craft.


Balayage is like art. The art of painting hair! Imagine if you had to paint a picture, you would need a thinner brush for a more detailed result. This is why I am so in love with these Accusoft technology tint brushes – soft yet with great tension.


I am super-OCD when it comes to measurements and an old-school believer that this would reflect the true end result. Looks like these funky design digital scales is just what I need right now.


I am loving L’Oreal Dialight at the moment! The featured acidic formula promotes sealing the cuticle, making the result super-glossy and healthy. YAS.

And which colours are you loving the most at the moment?

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