I never thought I would end up doing this! Balayaging my own hair was certainly not on my to-do list, although something about this idea fascinated me.

Is it because I’m a hairdresser? Or that I could have total control of what’s going on? Or just wanting to be guinea pig for a fun DIY balayage hair experiment. Which, by the way, has turned out to be a complete disaster. Either way, I did it. And I’ve documented everything on YouTube.

Watch the video below to see how my story ended (and share opinions in comments, of course).


So, back to the main question again. Why?

I would never in a million years be able to achieve the result my talented hair stylist Katerina has created using Framar tools from Salons Direct. Neither I thought I would continue filming and post this up! But I actually don’t want anyone repeating the same mistake. From now on, I would  rather wait to get booked in a salon than doing it (or messing it up) at home. DIY home colour no more!