Inspired by the latest hair trends, the undone, understated and soft wave is actually the IT in the hair world right now. We see it more in fashion (from catwalks to editorials in glossy mags like Vogue or ELLE) and even by snapchat-spying on celebs. Victoria’s Secret show was all about texture and beachy vibes last year, yet this time round we are seeing more relaxed and brushed out looks leading the 2016 runway in Paris.

I have filmed this quick and easy YouTube hair tutorial to show you guys how to create these type of waves yourself at home, using just one hot tool – ghd Creative Wand from the Curve range.

As you can also see I don’t really speak in my videos or ramble about – it’s all things hair, straight to the point. I might consider changing this though once I get a new camera. (the decisions I’m facing right now are on Twitter)

Back to the subject of creating undone loose waves. The key things to take away from this hair tutorial would be the following important facts you should always remember.


When styling hair with any type of heat, always use thermal protection. Products like L’Oreal Techni Art PLI or ghd Curl Hold are the perfect light sprays that prep and shape hair perfectly for this type of look – they feature heat protection plus, as a bonus, make your curls last longer.


Once you’ve placed hair in desired parting and sections, it’s time to start curling. As this is the soft look it’s best that all curls face in similar direction – away from the face in this case for a modern statement finish. Take small sections and start curling from the root (not the ends!), rope winding (aka twisting) as you tongue, and then rolling backwards and forward for added volume and texture.

Victorias Secret angels inspired and led by the latest 2017 hair trends.

When all curls are setting, get the finishing products ready. You will need a wide tooth comb, light non-sticky hairspray, volumising dry shampoo and a skinny serum if you love the polished ends look.


It’s always about on how long will this look last. With good prep, this is the sort of look the you can rock from office to party – we are looking at 24 hours here at least. Pretty impressive, right?

If you hair is poker straight as hell then always double up your prep game. Apply a shaping prep spray when hair is clean and towel dried, then rough dry it all in. Spray hair section by section again when hair is dry and blow-dry until nice and soft – you will feel a massive difference. Make sure that you are not using a heavy conditioner either as style will not last if hair is over-nourished.

Victorias Secret angels inspired and led by the latest 2017 hair trends.

Leave a comment below on what you think of this tutorial, any questions you might have or any suggestions for future tutorials.