Can you believe that Christmas is only 5 weeks away? Which, to be precise, is 36 days. Panic mode is officially on guys.

With Cyber Week (aka Black Friday and Cyber Monday) around the corner this is your perfect occasion to grab a bargain and find best gifts for friends, family and your loved ones, online or in-store. I’ve put together a very exciting XMAS & New Year gift guide to help you guys with ideas this holiday season.


Every girl has a wish list. From a twenty-something female point of view, I’ve put together something I would really love to get myself. Most importantly, these gift ideas include great options suitable for women of all ages.

Remember to hover on the items as all images are linked:

One of my good friends has made an interesting point that gifts should always be something you would not purchase yourself on a daily basis. So the surprise element does the trick, always!

If you want to treat someone (or yourself) before Christmas then a beauty advent calendar is an amazing early surprise idea. I have put together some best (and fast) selling ones at the moment:

It’s also super-hard to pick presents for someone who into more than just fashion or beauty. Retailers such as John Lewis , Selfridges , Urban Outfitters , House Of Fraser , Littlewoods and even ASOS are perfect all purpose gift destinations.


Boys will be boys! However, a good old aftershave for a present can get kinda boring after a while. I’ve done a Twitter survey to research this and the top answers I got back (apart from aftershave) were: the latest computer games, tickets to shows and gadgets. Gift ideas for men are actually more about matching individual personality and taste – the more you know, the better:

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As for unisex gift ideas, anything from a tablet to event tickets or even alcohol are great presents.

What are your thoughts?
Do you think I might have missed something out in these wish lists?
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