This has actually been on mind for a LONG time.
But why the hell is re-brand important?

When I started writing a blog, nothing really seemed to matter. Just like any hobby, I kept it quite simple and as long as I had a nice little theme and a bunch of Pinterest-friendly inspo snaps (oh, nearly forgot about the heart-shaped cursor haha!), nothing else really bothered me.

I was only mainly writing about my fashion style and hauls. As weeks gone by, the comment box kept popping up with notifications and I started picking up international site traffic (thanks to Google Analytics for clarifying this, by the way). Brands started getting in touch with ideas to collaborate,  whilst I couldn’t open any packages or eat food without feeling guilty for nor shaping that moment. This was the time when I realised – I am a blogger.

After several thoughts of quitting my job to pursue a career in this, I’ve decided to keep a fun, hobby element here and remain a part time blogger (for now, anyway). I strongly believe that blogging has helped me to discover myself. From a fashion / haul kinda thing to helping girls with hair advice, I have definitely made an impact on today’s blogosphere. (Is this all starting to sound a bit cheesy?)

So, even though I’m doing this PT, it’s time to get my shit together and take this all seriously. Business cards – tick! New logo – tick! New site – TBC.

We are finally getting to the ultimate answer to the question. Whether you’re a blogger or a brand, it’s crucial to constantly evaluate your performance, set new goals and try out new things. It’s all about continuous renovation and development and, with no doubt, listening to what your readers want.


I have decided that From Aliona With Love is about to have a content makeover. I’ve listened to all of your feedback and have now set myself on a challenge to focus more on the following:

Consistent blog sections: hair, style and life diaries
More giveaways (keep scrolling down)
Engaging newsletters (hit that subscribe box on the right hand side if you haven’t already)
New blog projects (how does #myhairdiary sound?)

One thing I’m still contemplating is migrating to WordPress. What are everyone’s thoughts on this? Are you a Blogger or WordPress fan and why? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


Now, on to the best part as I have a treat for you guys. To celebrate the changes taking place, I’m giving away this months #LFPAMPER Look Fantastic October Beauty Box. Simply follow the below steps to win this amazing treat:

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What’s in the box:

It also includes a beauty product guide with all the tips and tricks plus a chance to enter this months #LFPAMPER competition and win a luxury beauty treat from bareMinerals.