It has been a while since a personal update on my life and things, hasn’t it?

I’ve received some awful news recently. It turns out that my property owner is selling the land to our local council which means that I am now forced to leave my sweet home with a terribly short notice period of less than just… 2 months!

It’s a depressing feeling and I don’t even know where to start looking for a new place (plus the rent market is not looking bright atm). I was perfectly happy with the area I live in and my cosy flat, on a Zone 1 border near central London. 

I will be updating you on my journey and whatever happens next, I have some major blog plans in place to start with. As you would imagine, any bloggers wardrobe is a hoarder’s dream or a minimalist’s nightmare.

So, I’ve decided to throw a huge BLOG SALE (with items starting from as little as £1).

My ultimate goal is to embrace my minimalistic side and de-clotter my wardrobe to the max by getting rid of up to 80% of its contents. So, this is why EVERYTHING MUST GO!

From now on, I will be releasing weekly blog sale posts grouped by fashion categories – from tops, bottoms and outerwear to accessories and even luxury beauty.

Before I launch my first sale post next week, please check out my eBay and Depop now for the coolest gems I have already listed first. Most of them are the brands from my recent lookbooks, but hurry – don’t miss out!

My eBay shop: here (username @prettyclosetonline)

My Depop shop: here (username @alionalove)

I would be super-grateful if all my readers could please share this post, I need as much awareness and help as possible in such a short period amount of time. You can find the share button on the side of this site or any of my social media channels, links below: