So, what’s on the hair menu today?

Over on YouTube I have just launched a very exciting summer hair tutorial featuring the limited edition ghd Azores tools (read more about the range here)

To be honest I’m super-lucky to get involved working on beauty, blogger or press events as a part of my job. Yet, most importantly, such exposure gives me a perfect idea of which styles you girls (and guys) want and totally hair-obsessed with!

From classic and super-polished to playful and undone, I’ve put together a simple lookbook of four easy, on-trend summer hair styles – perfect for this season, no matter the occasion.


With a minimalist kink. I love this classic style as it’s very simple to achieve and can be worn for different occasions, giving you more versatility in order to adapt to any eventful schedule. Call it from office to party perfect! The symmetric front kink opens up the face to highlight face features and make the style more up-to-date (and actually less boring).

You will need:

ghd V Marine Allurepaddle brush, comb, wide tooth comb, hairspray and ghd Straight and Smooth spray.

Styling step by step:

Detangle and brush hair to a desired parting using a paddle brush, then prep with ghd Straight and Smooth spray. Section by section, straighten hair with a ghd V Azores styler.

Section out the fringe area (on a triangle) using a comb and flick away from the face, on a vertical angle. Leave to set and get hair spray and a wide tooth anti-static comb ready.

Brush through gently to blend the movement in. Soften and smooth away any harsh flicks with a single stroke of a styling tool.



These Hollywood inspired polished waves scream all things glam, luxe and red carpet. And yes, this is the look Lana Del Rey rocked in her famous album covers too. Perfect for mid to long hair, this is a real step up to a different level of hair glam!

You will need:

ghd Platinum Serene Pearl, paddle brush, narrow dressing out bristle brush, sectioning pins, ghd Curl Hold spray, hairspraySerum is a perfect optional extra for dehydrated ends.

Styling step by step:

Divide hair in four sections like a hot cross bun, 2 front and 2 back. Before using with your ghd Platinum styler, make sure to spray each section with a Curl Hold spray for extra heat protection and curl retention. When approaching your sections, it’s important to travel up horizontally.

As this is a classic polished look, make sure to keep the curling movements consistent and all on the same angle / direction throughout. For a longer lasting finish secure each curl with a silver pin.

When dressing out, brush through with a paddle brush, section by section. Customise the hairstyle by sleeking one side with a narrow dressing out brush. (bristle does the smoothing trick!) Enhance the glam waves by shaping the lines with hairspray and a tip of your brush.


If tousled, textured, volumised describes your dream holiday hair, then this style is for you. And it couldn’t get anymore 2016 than this! This style has a really understated feel to the look, although there are many different ways of creating the perfect effortless wave.

You will need:

ghd V Atlantic Jade, wide tooth comb, hairspray, silver pins.

Styling step by step:

Work on a centre parting for a more effortless finish to the beach look. Approach sections on a square, dividing them diagonally and curling in opposite ways in order to make them naturally clash off each other. (a little trick I’ve learn from the ghd education team!)

Flat hair wrap around a finger (or twist wrap to achieve more structured waves) and then apply heat from a styler. Set the whole head with silver pins. Dress out naturally – rake, shake and back brush for volume enhancement.


I’ve had so much fun whilst creating this (rather time-consuming) look. But the big question is – who said it’s not possible to create tight curls with straighteners?! Here is my unconventional signature way of doing it.

You will need:

ghd Platinum Serene Pearl, any pencil, hairspray, wide tooth comb, ghd Curl Hold spray

Styling step by step:

Start from the back and section hair like a horseshoe motion, travelling up, row by row (similar to how you would apply clip-in extensions).

Wrap hair around a standard-size pencil and apply heat from root to tip. Dress out with a tip of a wide tooth comb to achieve more playful texture.

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