Self-confessed or not, I believe that each of us is a compulsive shopaholic.

And thanks for modern technologies, shopping online has now become such an straight-forward process and a common habit for many. I can literally spend hours browsing, creating wishlists or comparing fashion picks.

Although I do it so often, I now almost take this experience for granted. This is when I’ve decided to switch it up and try something brand new, combining digital and traditional sides together.

So here is my latest game-changing discovery and a very unique way to browse and buy luxury fashion – Farfetch

From London to Tokyo, the successful and aggressively growing brand brings together over 400 independent designer boutiques all over the world, making shopping experience personal and super-easy. It covers anything from fashion to beauty and even the newly launched designer kids wear.

What’s so special about it?

What I love about Farfetch is the diversity and forward-thinking attitude plus, most importantly, exclusivity of stock. Instead of the mainstream clog-up fashion approach, the items are all carefully hand-picked and exclusive to the buyers personality and style.

After my online shopping wonder I then went on to investigate behind the scenes of one of the London-based Farfetch featured boutiques in the heart of West London – Lali Shop.

I was lucky to meet the former fashion designer, aesthete and boutique owner Nelli Turner.
I enlightened her on my fashion blogging journey and asked what makes Lali shop so special in nowadays ever-so-competitive retail game.

“People love buying into a whole identity. Some stores can feel so anonymous. Putting a nice jumper or a hat next to an oil painting just feels more homely. At Lali, you can even buy the music you are listening to and the luxury incense that fills the air.” – says Nelli

The lovely Nelli then took me on a tour around her shop to share the latest statement gems whilst introducing me to uber-cool brands and trying authentic pieces from Bella Freud, Peter Jensen, Cacharel and Spijkers en Spijkers – just to name a few.

Apart from clothing and jewellery labels you can also discover vintage art and artefacts, studio ceramics, music and stationary.

Lali is opened 10 am – 6pm Tuesday – Sunday and located on 101 Golborne Rd, London W10 5NL

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