Hello Summer 16! Or Meet The New ghd Azores Range

Trend alert!

I really can’t stop obsessing over the new ghd limited edition Azores hair jewels. This time round is all about sun sea and ghd, plus, mermaid colours, advanced technology and on-trend sleek designs (not to mention those sexy heat-proof pouches) are to die for.

So, here’s how they actually look:


Ever since ghd launched their first ever straighteners, we have, with no fail, been treated to a new perfect-to-style model on a regular basis. From the first ever IV mark followed by a classic V,  Max and Mini Golds to Eclipse and now the brand new Platinum styler.


My salon clients always ask me about the difference between the models and there is never just one answer (as they are all so different yet all is down to a personal preference more than anything!)

I have been recently experimenting with my classic Platinum (latest tutorial here) and I will sure be creating more content on how to create hairstyles with the new ghd Azores range.

The question is – which styles would you love to see next up on the blog?

Sleek, curly, wavy, more cray cray or else…?!