#StyleYOUniform Fashion Challenge | George @ ASDA

Here’s the big style question:

How many of us automatically opt in for what’s comfortable vs stylish?

Whether it’s getting ready for work, heading out to meet friends or even on a day off, we are all probably super-guilty of having that ONE safe style option that goes with pretty much anything and everything. And in my case, it’s a pair of old and comfy skinny Motto jeans. (yes, I’ve said it!)

Following from this dilemma, the creative fashion team at George has set style bloggers on a secret #StyleYOUniform mission with a simple yet fascinating brief – one week, no jeans and a photographic evidence to share your perfect style uniform.

This challenge is all about mixing and matching those perfect-day-to-night transition pieces and I’ve really opened up my eyes on how many styles you can actually come up with from owning just a few multi-purpose key elements. Keep scrolling through the article to find out which versatile SS16 pieces from George have really caught my eye.

Style tip: choose simple colours (such as black, navy or white in my case) so it’s then easier to accessorise them with different colour palettes. I’m currently obsessed with my metallics and especially this gold oversized tote bag:

I would love to know which comfy wardrobe pieces you guys adore the most?

Post your answers in comments!