10 Weeks 10 Hairstyles tutorial is here again! Today I’m sharing top beauty tips and tricks especially for shorter hairstyles like mine – I’m talking midis, lobs, bobs, whatever else, you name it.

These statement hair ideas are super easy plus, most importantly, in tune with todays fashion and beauty trends.

If you are following @alionawithlove on Instagram, then you already know that I’ve recently cut my hair off (eek!) However, how frustrating is it when you have short hair yet no idea how to style it?!

First of all, all you need to do is start thinking outside the box! From tonging to adding braids / buns / hair accessories and more, there are hundreds of creative ways of how to style short hair.

Secondly, it’s important to make sure that hair is prepped correctly for each style in order to achieve a bespoke finish. Here are the ultimate hair essentials to get started:

Tangle Teezer • ghd Curve Classic Tong • Dressing Out Brush  • Grips and rubber bands • YS Park • Pintail Comb • Spray Powder Bluff by Kerastase • Couture Styling Pret A Porter by Kerastase • Wet Domination Spray by L’Oreal Professionnel • Redken Braid Aid / ghd Hairspray


Party or casual, this style is great for all occasions!

Simply part and clip away a braid area (on the left in this tutorial). Work on the braid first, creating a dutch cornrow style and work downwards. Secure with a clear rubber band.

Slightly backcomb the top sections with a natural bristle dressing out brush to create texture and volume. Secure the hairstyle with a bobby pin.

Key styling tip: backcomb, backcomb, backcomb…



This style is super-fast when it comes to braiding. Simply part the hair in a traditional centre parting (with a help from pintail comb) to achieve a precise and stylish look.

Find your perfect parting and separate hair in two parts. Create a fringe area triangle, divided into two equal parts. Start braiding in a simple way and secure the ends with a rubber band. Loosen the braid slightly for a softer effect. Secure with bobby pins underneath hair, hiding any signs of grips.

Key styling tip: Spray a little bit of hairspray on the palms and run through the waves to enhance long-lasting texture.


Perfect for growing out fringes or just opening up the face, the fringe braid is one of my faves. Remember when it was a hot trend a couple of years ago? Well, the trend is still going strong!

Clip away the side section (larger or smaller – depending on the fringe or effect you want to create) and start braiding on the scalp.

Key styling tip: French plat usually looks softer on larger sections.

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