After months and months of collecting, discovering and trying out, I’ve finally managed to do this! My room now has a very special place – a perfume corner!

As weird as it might sound, being a Libra isn’t easy – even though we have a good taste we often can’t decide on a favourite item, so we end up loving many and many! 

I’m actually so selective when it comes to choosing my fragrance and I always tend to stick to vanilla-sweet notes and intriguingly spicy mixes. Although with years I have discovered that I have so many favourites and this is why writing this post is a really good idea.

I order my perfumes online from Fragrance Direct – it’s quick, easy and they have the best offers around. 

Floral yet full of girl power, my latest discovery Gucci Bamboo is the perfect match of my dream perfume. With my birthday just around the corner, here’s a perfect excuse to treat myself!

Finally, here are my top 10 signature fragrance picks:

Gucci rush by Gucci

I have a feeling that any Gucci rush fan will relate to this – random people often ask me which perfume am I wearing. I can’t blame them, it’s Gucci Rush. Powerful, attractive and definitely unique. 

A little note to Gucci: If you ever discontinue this then my life will end. Many thanks.

Flower by Kenzo (as well as Kenzo Amour) 

I’ve been a fan of this one since teen years (around 14-15), which is around the same time when I started travelling around Europe and discovering the world. The memories that come with this perfume are priceless.

Babydoll by YSL 

One of my recent favourites and it’s really sad to know that it has been….discontinued!! I know… *crying your eyes out emoji*

THE ONE by Dolce & Gabbana

Top, luxury, all-or-nothing, one-in-a-million.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This reminds me of my trendy and beautiful mum – she’s always been my fashion & beauty icon and everything she loves screams good taste, including this CK perfume.

Jasmin Noir by BVLGARI

Very mysterious, seductive, deep and not for everyone. I’ve discovered this one on my mum’s perfume shelf a couple of years ago and she let me have it. I now can’t live without it. 

Lookin’ To Rock Rita by Benefit

If you’re into Benefit’s and their quirky spirit, then you’ll fall in love with this one.

Hypnôse by Lancome

Reminds me of that ‘designer make-up feeling’, as well as something powdery yet sweet in it’s fragrance.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Here, the name speaks for itself. Love it!