GOODBYE SUMMER | …Or Teenage Memories

Believe it or not, it has now officially been 10 years since I’ve packed my bags in search for a new adventure. Although I’ve happily accepted London as the new home, my heart is still split in-between-the-two. So, here’s a post about this month’s trip back to my hometown.

It was nice to catch up with some of my good old friends (who I can actually only count by fingers nowadays, on one hand), spend time with my family and enjoy a mini-throwback to my sweet teenage years.

A selfie with a school pal who I haven’t seen since… secondary school! After-all it was so good to catch up and discover that we both have experienced very similar paths, including owning a blog. Read hers here 🙂

Many still ask me where abouts in Russia am I from and the convo usually gets stuck on the point where I mention river Volga or Caspian Sea… (so it looks like no-one ever has a clue what I’m talking about?) With that being on my mind for some time now, I’ve put together these top 5 facts about my hometown, called Astrakhan:

#1: The city is located in southern European Russia and lies on two banks of the Volga River, close to where it falls into the Caspian Sea at an altitude of 28 meters below sea level. (which makes it the lowest point on Earth!)

#2: It’s often referred to as the Caspian Capital and here is where the Caspian Fashion Week happens.

#3: The architecture is beautiful! Astrakhan Kremlin has been towering the city since 16th century and is now the most-visited historical place in the area.

#4: …So is nature. See the iPhone 6 snaps below for yourself.


#5: Black caviar, lotus flowers and watermelons are the top three signature things that we’re proud of.

Wait, how could I end this post without #OOTD (inside the Kremlin)


Emoji Tee • Primark

Denim Vintage Style Button Up Skirt • H&M

Bow Hair Scrunchie • Topshop

Platform Sandals • Boohoo

Earrings & Temporary Body Tattoos •  Woolf Whistle