+20.. +18.. +16… feeling the temperature drop and realising it’s time to layer up.

Although before we all do that, I have a confession to share, as when I’ve ‘got my Mocks on’, I refuse to dress for the weather!


So, meet our Mocks – the latest transitional shoe craze from my ultimate fashion list.

TOP 5 REASONS why I’m the Mocks fan: 

#1 A perfect multi-season shoe and ideal for any weather, thanks to the unique and versatile CoolMax fabric technology. Beyond this, Mocks are water resistant.

#2 There are plenty of on-trend colours (including pastels!) and sizes available.

#3 You can easily customise your own Mocks and choose from a variety of shades and combinations, making it easier to match it up with different outfits / styles.

#4 Pair them up with a bestie… or a a twin! (if you’re lucky enough to have one)

#5 They are SO COMFY!

Vest Top • Zara
Luxe Jogger Trousers • Glamorous
Buenos Aires Classic • Mocks
Sunglasses • Camden Market
Clutch Bag • Kenzo
Accessories • Topshop

Ombré Top Knot by Beauty Works

So, hot or cold, – these stylish moccasins will rock any season.

…and he wears it too!

Sweatshirt • River Island
Jeans • G-Star Raw
St Tropez Classic • Mocks
Hat • New Era at Foot Asylum
Jewellery • Various

In my next fashion posts expect to see furs, tassels and transitional Autumn tricks!