Holidays in Spain // ¡HOLA AMIGOS!

BIKINIS – check! ✔︎


BLOGGING TOOLS – omg, how much more can my suitcase take!?? ✔︎

Most importantly, I have loads of great holiday blog posts coming up where you’ll discover my vacation style diary, pool side beauty essentials, random travel reviews and Crocadilly (my new hol bestie)

Although I’ve spent most of my time sleep-bathing by the sea, beating everyone at American pool down the local pub and fiddling with my camera in hope to take that perfect snap, I have been to some uber-fascinating cultural places which has led me to discover the true history of Spain and Catalonia.

My first cultural discovery: The Marimurtra Botanical Gardens in Blanes (Costa Brava, the province of Girona) is a well-known biological tourist attraction – it’s over 100 years old and has more than 3,000 types of exotic Mediterranean plants, including huge cactuses with invisible ‘MUST NOT TOUCH’ signs written all over them! *ouch*

Our day adventure was then continued with a wine and cheese tasting session in the authentic Catalan vineyard, just around the corner…

From traditional Sangria and Vino Blanco to elegant Cava and sweet Moscatel, the wine tasting was super-fun and definitely the one to remember! …erm, can I?

Interesting fact: Catalonia is an autonomous area in Spain which also holds a ‘nationality’ status, where Catalan is classed as the official spoken language, and Spanish is taught in schools as the second foreign language.

The Catalan flag has 4 red stripes that represent each of the provinces within the area: Barcelona, Terragona, Gerona & Lleida.

Some serious stuff right there!

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