HELP!! I have an addiction… to Kérastase!

Dear readers,

I think I might have a ‘little’ obsession with luxury hair care.. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT!

What do I do now? Share a blog post with you all on my all-time faves from the iconic Kérastase range, as I clearly can’t keep it all to myself anymore 😉

For those who don’t know it yet, Kérastase is a professional hair care range from L’Oreal, approved by international hairdressers and loved by millions of girls and boys across the globe.

From shampoo and conditioner to intensive treatment and couture styling – there are options to suit different hair types. That’s exactly why I’ve decided to write this article, in hope that most of you will use it as your ultimate guide to finding that perfect hair product.

Remember – there’s no room for silly errors when it comes to investing in a professional (as well as pricey) option, and right now you might just about to find out all the all answers to your questions.

Kérastase retail display at The House of Rush in Mayfair, London. Credit © Raining Cake

with Kérastase Resistance

There is a lot of confusion going on around the terms of ‘damaged’ vs ‘dry’.

Let’s get it right – damaged hair would mean split ends and erosion typically caused by heat styling, chemical treatments or external aggressors, whereas dryness is more common and can be caused naturally, regardless of your hair type.

So, unless you’re a professional hairdresser, it can be super-tricky to tell the difference.

Use the Kérastase hair diagnostics tool to identify your hair erosion level and find out how damaged it really is. Mine was ‘beyond repair’ when I first discovered the real deal, and the earlier you find out, the better chance you have to save your precious locks!


with Kérastase Nutritive 

Whether it’s just the ends or all over dryness –  Nutritive product line is the bespoke answer to all.

Try a Kérastase Nutritive Immersion pre-shampoo treatment on your ends for at least 20 mins prior to washing hair, especially if you have oily roots with dry and sensitised lengths.

It seriously helps!


with Kérastase Nutritive Oleo Curl

Foxy, defined curls are every girl’s dream (or a nightmare) as well as a great way to switching up the look, but is maintaining it as easy as it seems? Definitely not from what I’ve heard!

Whether it’s rebellious curls or loose waves, frizz is that one thing to instantly get in your way and spoil the look.

The right products to rescue the situation are definitely the ones from the Nutritive Oléo Curl line – all specifically designed to deliver definition and ultimate softness for curly, thick and rebellious styles, leaving you with stunning results.


with Kérastase Volumifique 

There has been a lot of blogger buzz around this recently launched line which has now replaced the popular and discontinued Resistance Volumactive. I definitely think it’s a step up as it features the new Système Ampliflex complex for enhanced results.

Top hairdressing tip: Invest in a dry shampoo to create and maintain that ‘day 2’ volume. Powder Bluff 2-in1 spray from the Couture Styling range is the absolute lifesaver!


with Kérastase Soleil

Holiday season? Sea? Sun?… or just a swimming pool? No worries at all!

The Soleil range contains Photo-Défense Filter and has it all to protect hair from salt / chlorine / UV build up and damage.

 Perfect formulation for a perfect Summer ☀︎ ♥︎


with Kérastase Reflection

It’s no secret that protecting and maintaining long-lasting colour intensity is an endless struggle for those with vibrant locks.

The good news is that Kérastase Reflection is specifically designed to change this, thanks to Systeme Capture technology with linseed oil, vitamin E and added UV filters to control colour-fade, leaving your hair feeling ultra-soft and protected in a long-term.

So, if this sounds like you then Kérastase Reflection is definitely the answer!


with Kérastase Cristalliste

Long hair is often prone to heavy, oily roots and dry ends, making it next to impossible to smooth those naughty ends without weighing the rest of the hair down => very annoying.

The active Liquid Light Complex ingredients in Cristalliste system work to reach that perfect balance, leaving your roots purified and the ends thoroughly moisturised. Problem sorted!


with Kérastase Couture Styling

As seen on Kate Moss – the Couture Styling range is the new ‘it’ when it comes to professionally styling hair.

I am also totally in love with the unique ‘heat protection as you style’ feature in every product, as you can achieve diverse stunning looks with various hold levels, all with ZERO damage!

Eek, how amazing is that?!


with Kérastase Elixir Ultime

The Elixir Ultime product line is suitable for all hair types as it’s enriched with a luxurious formula of a high concentration of magnificent oils including argan, pracaxi, camelia & maize – leaving hair softened and supple, with a lustrous-looking shine.

Last year’s Jade Jagger Limited Edition styling oil was a huge success and a great addition to this exclusive range.


with Kérastase Spécifique or Biotic 


It’s often that your scalp can be prone to temporary or longer-term lasting imbalances.


The products in the Kérastase Spécifique and Biotic ranges reply to various scalp concerns, delivering well-balanced, purified and healthy results at the same time.

My personal favourite is Sensidote Dremo-Calm leave-in scalp serum – ideal for all, it relieves itchy scalps prone to dandruff with a relaxing feeling and a non-greasy finish.


with Kérastase Densifique 


The unique Densifique range contains hyaluronic acid and proves that texture, volume and smoothness are all achievable in just one bottle, and I couldn’t agree more.


Definitely also the right choice for thinning hair types, as this Kérastase line is specifically designed to also improve density and deliver fuller, healthier results.

Above is my home Kérastase shampoo collection, from left to right: Specifique (Bain Divalent), Resistance (Bain Force Architecte), Reflection (Bain Miroir), Nutritive (Bain Satin 1), Resistance (Bain Force Architecte), Cristalliste (Bain Cristal), Shampoo (Bain Densite).