Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hello Summer 16! Or Meet The New ghd Azores Range

Trend alert! 

I really can't stop obsessing over the new ghd limited edition Azores hair jewels. This time round is all about sun sea and ghd, plus, mermaid colours, advanced technology and on-trend sleek designs (not to mention those sexy heat-proof pouches) are to die for.

So, here's how they actually look:

Ever since ghd have launched their first ever straighteners, we have, with no fail, been treated to a new perfect-to-style model on a regular basis. From the first ever IV mark followed by a classic V, Max and Mini Golds to Eclipse and now the brand new Platinum styler.

My salon clients always ask me about the difference between the models and there is never just one answer (as they are all so different yet, in fact, all is down to a personal preference more than anything!)
I have been recently experimenting with my classic Platinum (latest tutorial here) and I will sure be creating more content on how to create hairstyles with the new ghd Azores range.

The question is - which styles would you love to see next up on the blog?

Sleek, curly, wavy, more cray cray or else...?!

Friday, 29 April 2016

#StyleYOUniform Fashion Challenge | George @ ASDA

Here's the big style question: 
How many of us automatically opt in for what's comfortable vs stylish? 

Whether it's getting ready for work, heading out to meet friends or even on a day off, we are all probably super-guilty of having that ONE safe style option that goes with pretty much anything and everything. And in my case, it's a pair of old and comfy skinny Motto jeans. (yes, I've said it!)

Following from this dilemma, the creative fashion team at George has set style bloggers on a secret #StyleYOUniform mission with a simple yet fascinating brief - one week, no jeans and a photographic evidence to share your perfect style uniform.

This challenge is all about mixing and matching those perfect-day-to-night transition pieces and I've really opened up my eyes on how many styles you can actually come up with from owning just a few multi-purpose key elements. Keep scrolling through the article to find out which versatile SS16 pieces from George have really caught my eye.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


As you might have already seen me tonging away in the hair and beauty section, this time I've decided to go for something quite unexplored and kinda trend-fresh to the beauty blogging circle, focusing on quick and easy hair ideas using just a flat iron, straighteners or, in my case, the new ghd Platinum styler instead.
When it comes to straighteners, each person tends to curl differently with unexplained reasons behind the chosen technique - hence the huge confusion on this subject nowadays. From the way you hold your flat iron tool to special curling angles, direction of the movement and even speed - I'm here to help you sort this hair problem once and for all! 

And I would love to start with introducing you to possibly the easiest (and SS16 hottest) waving technique out there - the undone glam wave (also known as Scandi wave, S wave, flat wave, soft glam wave, midi wave etc...) 

The Scandi style is all about the undone curl texture - ideal for all lengths of hair, whether it's a short bob, midi or super long. It is gaining huge popularity as the SS16 trends come to play this season, thanks to its relaxed and undone Vogue-inspired finish.

Here's a little video of how to create these sort of waves, step by step:

Friday, 8 April 2016


Spring is finally here! 🌸 

I get really excited for this time of the year simply because the weather is getting warmer and, most importantly, summer is getting even closer.
I shot my new #PDBae lookbook in Notting Hill - a truly beautiful place to enjoy spring in London.
I'm wearing my favourite lace-up boots from Public Desire which I crazily fell in love with recently. 
(details on my Insta @alionawithlove)
I would love to know your top fave locations to hang out during this time of the year?

Post in comments!

Sunday, 27 March 2016


Happy Easter darlings! ✨
I hope the Easter bunny brought you loads of treats?

I have one mega announcement to make as I will now be giving away hair, fashion & beauty freebies on a monthly basis. Keep your eyes peeled on social media (links below) to stay updated. A little birdie also told me that bloggers favourite Lip Kit by Kylie might pop up in the winner goodie bag shortly, although keep it a hush-hush for now as it's only exclusive for my lovely readers.

Whilst having a compulsive hair product addiction, I always tend to discover fresh things to try out and this time I have come across something new and totally incredible - Revlon Professional

I will be revealing more Revlon Professional product range secrets via @alionawithlove under #ProductOfTheDay tag.
And here is how you could enter to win this week's freebies:

This luxury goodie bag is worth over £150 and contains my favourite picks from Revlon Professional, NARS, Victoria's Secret and Rimmel London. Follow the simple steps above to enter.

What's inside the goodie bag?

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